Eli Review - Looking Forward

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We write with an update on Eli Review and our parent, Drawbridge, Inc. Many of you have followed our development. We appreciate your interest and support. For those using Eli, your suggestions have had an important impact on our continued improvement!

We continue growing our software and user base. During the summer of 2014 we added new analytic features and are preparing exceptional curriculum, assignments and reviews, all available with one click. Importantly, we provide rich faculty development resources, currently helping hundreds of teachers learn about evidence-based practices for peer learning.

After a two year partnership, we mutually concluded our sales and marketing relationship with Bedford St. Martin’s. Going forward, Drawbridge will provide all sales and user support for our higher education colleagues. We see our mission as providing teachers with the best resources for implementing peer learning--a methodology poorly-supported by technology but proven effective in multiple disciplines, including writing.

We know you have questions about the road ahead and provide some answers below. We are eager for your input regarding Eli and will update you continuously in the future.

Who and What is Drawbridge?

Drawbridge offers innovative products and services created at the Writing in Digital Environments (WIDE) Research Center at Michigan State University. We are a startup launched by humanists, rather than scientists or engineers. We launched with the support of Michigan State University, which holds an equity interest in Drawbridge.

Day-to-day, Drawbridge remains a small startup created by writing teachers-- Jeff Grabill, Bill Hart-Davidson, and Mike McLeod--with guidance from our board members, all with years of business experience: Gregory E. Bradbury, Chairman & CEO, Gary L. Seevers & Richard D. Schanhals, Directors.

What are Drawbridge’s plans going forward?

Our continued focus is on making Eli Review the best peer learning service available. We do this by working with our customers - fellow teachers and their students - ensuring Eli meets their needs and expectations. We are user-centered in our design and development practices, and strive every day to provide a productive experience for all.